Shelley Fitzgerald has been penning and sorting her whole life...She is a horse trainer as well as a people trainer... her love of horses and passion for ranch sorting combine to give her an exceptional ability to teach the sport of ranch sorting to both.  Shelley has numerous titles in Ranch Sorting and Team Penning. She has been showing in both disciplines for 30 years,  Her titles are impressive and too numerous to list.  And honestly she is too humble to list them.  She is exceptionally qualified as a top Ranch Sorting and Team Penning instructor as well as competitor.   


Team Wrangler is a collection of 24 AQHA Professional Horsemen who promote educational outreach for the horse industry. Shelley was named a member of this elite team as of 2017.

Shelley has traveled to all over the United Sates competing or giving lessons and clinics.  She has trained for Bear Creek Farms in Germany.  She has shown horses in France, Germany, Switzerland and Australia.  Shelley has a strong background in preconditioning yearling cattle.  She has also been instrumental in two large Limousin and Angus cow operations.  She is an AQHA, RSNC and USTPA judge for over 15 years.  She has been the settler at the AQHA World Show for over 20 years. 


What she loves most about the whole experience has always been the friendships she has made because of the horses. 

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