A Place To Begin...

You have looked into sorting and think it's something you want to try... So now what?  Ranch sorting is one of the most fun things you can do with your horse.  But lets be honest...it doesn't come naturally.  The good news is the more you learn the better you get. "The fun is in the journey"...the bond you build with your horse...the friendships you will make.  In the process of learning to play this sport you will be challenged and amazed.  Ranch sorting is a very rewarding sport.  The harder you work at it the better you will ride...the better your horse will perform.  But it is a process that doesn't happen overnight.  The more time you can spend learning how to play the game (both with cows and without) the more you will enjoy it.  It is an education that can't be bought...your horse will tell on you.  "Wet saddle blankets"...you ever heard that one? Time in the saddle...lots of time. But it is the time you spend going to clinics... taking lessons, showing...educating yourself and learning to ride on cattle that is the most memorable and valuable. 

Booking a clinic with Shelley is easier than you think.  Get your friends and fellow sorters together and find a date that works for everyone.  Check out our Services page to see exactly how much it costs to hold your own clinic.

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