Here are some tips and videos from Shelley. This is just a preview of the information that Shelley teaches at her clinics. Visit the Services page to see how easy it is to host your very own clinic with Shelley.

Bringing doubles...

The question has been asked "when and what is the correct way to bring doubles?"...

Most people think they should stop driving on their cattle when they have doubles and that is INCORRECT. You have to drive on the cow you need first.

As you become a more accomplished sorter you can set doubles up.

Until then when doubles start to form still ride to drive the cow you need out first. If the other follows Great if not you've set a duck up for your partner.

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Below are some videos that Shelley made at a few of her clinics.  These were the "discussion portion" of her clinics.  But a good example of some of the things you will learn from Shelley at her clinics.

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