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How can I practice without cattle?

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Wanna do some sortin??

There are lots of fun things to do and learn with your horse without cattle that pertains to sorting. I'll tell ya about one of my favorites. "Make your circle bigger make your circle smaller"

In this exercise I start by walking in about a 60' circle I make it as perfect as I can. While still moving forward I pick up on outside rein and tilt my horses head just enough to see its eye, then with outside leg I apply enough pressure to push my horse and make the 60' circle down to aprox 10' at that point I reverse my hands and legs and push my horse back out to a 60' circle. As you get better move up to a trot and then lope. Speed is not the answer in dry work... being precise IS.

This is a move you use to keep your horse listening to you, supple and responsive. As it pertains to sorting... it is used both in the gate and shaping and isolating your cow.

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Below are some videos that Shelley made at a few of her clinics.  These were the "discussion portion" of her clinics.  But a good example of some of the things you will learn from Shelley at her clinics.

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