competing for the first time

You have been practicing and are feeling confident...  There is a local show in the next town... It's scary going to a team competition and you don't yet have a team...  It's are not alone...everyone at the show needs partners...  The great news is... as you and your horse improve your skills people will start to ask you for rides...  (It is such a great feeling when this happens).  But at first it may be a little harder.  Talk to the people who are taking the entries and let them know you are new and need partners.  You can also put in draw rides. This is where you put your name in and the staff will draw your team up with other riders who also need rides.  Some shows require all riders to take draw rides.  This is a great way to meet new people and possibly create future partners. 


If you have been taking clinics and lessons chances are you have met some like minded people and have some partners lined up.  This is an excellent way to start showing.  

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